Make it clear.

"Shopping and donating to help the community of Missoula."

How do I donate?
Donations are accepted during business hours, smaller items can come in through the front door, big items will be taken in through the back door. Let the front desk know if you have a bigger item and they can assist and direct you.

How do I donate clothing? Shoes & accessories?
Clothing should be in in good condition, no stains or tears, off the hanger in bags or boxes. Shoes and accessories should again be in good condition either bagged or boxed up.

How do I donate a sofa?
Let the front desk know that you are there with a donation, we have a big back door that we can move the sofa in through. Sofas have to be in good condition, clean, no tears or noticeable odors.
Do you accept children's items such as cribs or car-seats?
No we do not. It is by state law that cribs and car-seats are not resold. If your items are in good condition try placing them on craigslist or
How do I ensure that the nonprofit organization of my choice will see the benefits?
Come in and shop. Come in and donate. There is a voting box by the register. The more you shop and let your friends know about us and the vote the more likely your organization of choice will benefit.
What type of payment forms do you take at Zootown Thrift?
Zootown Thrift is a cash only store. 
Do you pick up items?
Yes, we can schedule a pick up at your convenience. If it is smaller items such as clothing and knick knacks we ask that you bring it in yourself. Large and or heavy items can be picked up and taken to the store with a scheduled pick up.
Do you deliver?
Yes, delivery fees depend on location and type of item. Missoula only. Maximum delivery fee is $35.00.